Go out for a couple of days in a warm, homely vibe? Come to our inn Chatoiment in Spa! You will be welcomed with open arms.

Chatoiment Inn is a rustic mid-19th century manor situated on a beautiful, quiet location with a splendid view on the town center of Spa. A manor with the ambiance of the past, well equipped with modern luxuries.

The manor offers room to up to 15 guests. The most luxurious of our rooms is the Chambre d’Amour, with a romantic interior.

After visiting the town or the beautiful Spa surroundings you have our common rooms at your disposal. Divided by a stylish hall, the ground floor provides a breakfast room and two saloons where you can relax in comfortable seats, play games or perform your arts on the piano. The entire inn has Wi-fi internet available. In addition, we offer the possibility to prepare your own meals in our well equipped kitchen.


Annette Sonnemans and
Wim Saelman

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  • Over ons

    Herberg Chatoiment is een rustiek landhuis uit het midden van de 19e eeuw. Het huis ademt nog de sfeer van weleer, maar is voorzien van sobere, moderne gemakken. De herberg biedt ruimte aan 15 gasten. Het is ook mogelijk om het gehele huis af te huren.
  • Contact

    Annette Sonnemans en Wim Saelman
    Herberg Chatoiment
    Rue Brixhe 39
    B – 4900 Spa
    Tel. 00 32 (0)877 74494
    Mobiel. 00 32 (0)473 531633
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